December 10, 2015

Best Gifts for Hunters Under $100

I know there are a few wish lists floating around out there, but I wanted to weigh in on some items that I use and love that would make a great Christmas gift for that special hunter in your life. Here are six awesome products all under $100.

I actually bought this knife as a gift for my Dad last year, and every time he uses it he’s blown away by how sharp this sucker is. This is a great gift for under $50 that will last a lifetime.

These maps are offered by the state, so you can buy a state or two as a gift. If the person you are shopping for doesn’t have a GPS unit, you can still buy a map that works with the OnX Hunt App for iOS and Android. If they do have a GPS, you can buy the GPS chip for any state of your choosing. You can also learn more about the app in one of our previous posts on the Best Mobile Hunting Apps

Side note: When I started to unpack after a backpack hunting trip this past season, the sick feeling came across me as I realized that I had accidentally left mine Llano QZ hanging up in a tree at our base camp to dry out. Worst feeling ever. I hate losing stuff. Especially a critical piece of gear that I love. I had an elk hunting trip right around the corner, so I immediately replaced the shirt knowing I was going to be wearing it every day during that upcoming hunt.

The two volumes are jammed pack with information, perfect for the guy or gal who wants to get into hunting. But don’t stop there, this book is still incredibly invaluable for the hunter who’s already had a few rodeos in the woods and is hungry to learn more. These books cover gear, tactics and strategies, species and methods, butchering and cooking wild game. That’s everything you need to know across the entire experience of hunting for your own food. You’re getting a ton of bang for your buck with both volumes under $50.

I got these last year as a gift from my wonderful girlfriend, and I’ve worn these more days in a row than I’d like to admit. They are incredible for skiing, keeping warm while wading in the steelhead waters and most importantly on hunts - whether you’re sitting in a stand or sidehilling a mountain. This last year’s elk hunt I packed enough boxers to last the trip, but I ended up wearing my First Lite boxers the entire time. We were out pounding the hills day after day, and I just didn’t want to change out of them because they were so dang comfortable. These make a great gift this time of year because they are a bit on the expensive side for a pair of boxers, but that special hunter in your life will thank you many times over.

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