August 4, 2018

Check Your Trail Camera Photos with Boneview's SD Card Reader

For deer hunters, summer is all about prep. Getting the foodplots planted, hanging stands and getting those trail cameras ready. There are a variety of things you can be doing, but probably one of the most exciting parts of summer is checking those trail cameras to see who’s back in the area.

Today I wanted to share a few of the awesome tools that the guys over at Boneview have created to help you easily check your trail cameras while you’re out in the field. A lot of times you have to wait all the way until you get home to see if you’ve hit paydirt, but with Boneview’s SD Card Reader you can now instantly get a glimpse of what’s on your card by using your phone.

Boneview Card Reader
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With the Boneview Card Reader, your phone transforms into a mobile card reader. Just plug your SD cards into the Bonview reader, and you can instantly see all you trail camera photos on your phone. So easy and fast. No more waiting to see if Mr. Big is in town. It makes checking trail cameras super easy.

Boneview Card Reader

This works across Android and iOS devices, and as a friend of Quiver if you use the promo code QUIVER10, you’ll get 10% off all orders. Pretty slick product. It just requires you to have the free app installed on your phone (works for both iOS and Android), and you can start reviewing your cards right out in the field or back at your truck.

Boneview also has this great water resistent and shockproof SD Card Case to manage all your SD cards, which helps keep all those cards organized and in one place. I know I’ve lost cards in the past because it’s too easy to have them floating around the house.

Boneview Card Reader

Use promo code QUIVER10, and you’ll get 10% off all orders. Some great products to make you more efficent and organized in the woods.

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