April 20, 2017

Track Your Turkey Hunts

2016 was the most successful year to date for whitetail hunters using the Quiver Hunting App, but we aren’t stopping there.

Our team is focused on giving you the tools you need to become a better hunter, and passionate hunters like you eat, sleep and breath hunting year-round.

We’ve added new features to kick off the spring turkey season across the US, so the power to track your hunts now extends to turkey season.

Spring gobbler is one of the most thrilling times of the year, and staying at the top of your game is a must. Before you head to the field, update your Quiver Hunting App so you can take advantage of the new features to track your turkey hunts.

turkey hunting
Photo courtesy of Northern Ohio Outdoors

How to Track Your Turkey Hunts

Pre-season Scouting

For most of us, turkey season starts long before the actual opening day. Locating your target rafter and learning their patterns of feeding, moving and roosting is vital to positioning yourself for success during the season.

Quiver is a valuable tool when scouting for birds. Instead of trying to remember or write down notes, you can log data in your Quiver Hunting App where you see turkeys on the move or roosting.

Recording detailed scouting information is as simple as starting a hunt in Quiver when you arrive at your scouting grounds and logging data points when you locate birds moving, feeding or roosting.

By the time your season opener rolls around, you’ll have a log of detailed information in the palm of your hand you can reference to plan your hunt on opening day.

Plan for Opening Day and Track Your Hunt

As opening day approaches, review the data you recorded during the pre-season. Take note of the weather data along with your notes on turkey movements and roosting locations.

Every day of scouting will help you build a history of turkey behavior which you can reference to identify the times, conditions and locations where you need to be to bag a gobbler.

Now the real fun begins. Don’t forget to start a hunt before you enter the woods, then sit tight and trust your preparation. Taking the time to identify the best location to set up is a huge confidence booster, and hopefully just as sunrise breaks, you’ll have a longbeard down.

Logging your turkey hunts and successful harvests is worth the time, and you’ll be able to look back at previous years and relive those special moments knowing your preparation paid off.

Check out our post with more tips for a successful turkey hunt, and good luck this spring! Send us pictures of your bird, and we’d love to share them with the rest of the Quiver Hunting App community.

turkey hunting
Photo courtesy of Nick Sherrod

Are You Missing Some Data?

As a part of this new update, we made some upgrades to our database that stores your hunting information.

Our new database is able to store your hunting data more efficiently which means access to your data whenever and wherever you need it!

The first time you log into the app after this update, you might not see your past logged hunts when you open the app, but your data isn’t lost! We have it stored safe and sound.

To fix this, here’s what you need to do:

turkey hunting
Photo courtesy of TBA Outdoors

Next Up, Edit Your Hunts

The request to edit hunts is our most common feedback from dedicated Quiver users like you, and we’re listening!

The next feature on our development timeline is going to be huge. Get ready to be able to completely edit your hunts, add any hunts you missed in the past and control your data on a whole new level.

Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below.

Stay tuned throughout the season as we bring you more tips on how to bring down a longbeard and get you ready for whitetail season!

Good luck and remember to #HuntSmarter.

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