December 18, 2016

Last Minute Hunting Gifts for Tech Savvy Outdoorsmen

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to wrap up that last minute gift shopping for the outdoorsmen in your life. Hunters like us are incredibly passionate, and our eyes light up when unwrapping presents we can use in the field.

You’re just a few clicks away from crossing those last names off your list, and all of these gift ideas are available on Amazon at the time of this writing. Keep an eye on the Amazon ordering deadlines, so you have your gifts on time!

Help extend that precious battery life

Being stuck in the woods with a dead battery can put a drain on your hunting experience (pun intended). Most hunters rely on their smartphones for some aspect of their hunt, whether they’re recording their hunting data on the Quiver Hunting App, mapping their GPS location or communicating with friends. All of this smartphone use can burn through your battery life quickly, and with smartphone getting thinner every year, there is less room for a battery with the power to go all day.

Portable power banks and external battery phone cases are both great solutions to the energy problem. For extended backpacking trips where multiple full phone charges are needed, the power banks are perfect, but for the everyday hunter, we prefer the phone cases for three reasons. First, it’s one less thing to carry or forget. When the external battery is actually attached to the phone via the case, you can’t accidentally leave it at home or in your truck. A battery left at home is useless to you when your phone dies in the tree stand.

Second, the external battery case will charge when you charge your phone. You won’t need to worry about dealing with a separate cord and another device to remember to plug in after a long day in the field. Just charge your phone as you normally do, and the battery case with be juiced up too.

Last but not least, the case offers protection for your smartphone. While the external battery-style cases aren’t usually built for top of the line fall protection like a LifeProof or OtterBox case, they will at least provide some protection to keep your phone from getting beat up on your adventures.

gifts for hunters

Check out this Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case for your iPhone made by Anker. It’s an Amazon Bestseller that extends your battery life by 120% and offers a slim profile that you’ll appreciate when carrying it in the woods. It’ll let you keep you using the Quiver Hunting App, and at less than $45, it’s a great gift option for the tech-savvy hunter!

Fighting Squirrel Bow Mount

One of my favorite parts of hunting is creating and telling stories with other outdoorsmen. Telling stories is great, but having that critical moment on video can communicate the story to your friends better than words can express. When you record your hunt, a few seconds of video can be worth well more than one thousand words!

Most of us already bring our smartphones in the field, and the video quality that current smartphones are capable of recording is far superior to the last few generations of pocket computers. The only thing that’s missing is a way to quickly and easily keep your smartphone’s video recorder pointed on target while also trying to draw your bow or place your scope on your target. There’s a tool for that—it’s called the Fighting Squirrel Smartphone Bow Mount from Whitetail Country.

gifts for hunters

The Fighting Squirrel mounts allow you to turn your phone into a sports action camera, and the spring loaded mounting technology enables you to attach any size phone securely. Position your phone vertically or horizontally for whatever your hunting environment dictates, and as long as your bow or gun is pointed on target and your phone is recording, you’ll capture some priceless shots to support your hunting stories.

You can find the Fighting Squirrel Smartphone Bow Mount on the Whitetail Country website, or buy it on Amazon. They also offer mounts for your gun or binoculars! Check back soon for a full review of the Fighting Squirrel mounts.

Make it easier to check trail camera photos

Pulling trail camera photos is like Christmas every time. Why not make that experience of checking trail cameras even easier and more enjoyable for that hunter in your life with the BoneView Trail Camera Viewer. This handy device turns your phone into a mobile card reader that allows hunters to easily view their trail camera photos on the spot. No more waiting to get home or dragging your heavy laptop into the field just to see if that hit-list buck is still cruising your property.

gifts for hunters

The BoneView Trail Camera View is available for iOS and Android devices on BoneView’s website as well as on Amazon. This must-have device will be sure to put a smile on that constant trail-camera-checking hunter in your life.

Give the Gift of Prime

Halfway through archery season this year, my wrist release fell apart in the woods and a few of the pieces were lost to Mother Nature forever. The local archery shop didn’t have the release I was looking for, so I took to the internet. Luckily, I found the release I was looking for on Amazon, and with Prime, I was back out in the woods two days later.

gifts for hunters

What did this experience teach me? E-commerce can be an outdoorsman’s best friend, and I use Prime enough for it to be worth the $99 per year. It’s a huge time saver too. Where I live now, I have nearly an hour drive to the nearest decent archery shop and over an hour to the closest big box hunting store like Cabela’s. Every item I can buy through Amazon Prime saves me a few hours of driving when I need to add something to my hunting pack.

Beware of the “1-Click ordering” though, an Amazon shopping trip the night after a long hunt can quickly rack up a bill especially when you spend the day sitting in a tree stand dreaming of all the equipment you wish you had with you.

Is $100 a bit steep for your gift budget? Prime gift membership also allows you to give a 3-month membership for only $32.97.

Netflix and MeatEater

gifts for hunters

I’ve always loved Netflix. My wife and I have completely replaced cable by switching to services like Netflix and Hulu that allow you to stream countless movies and TV series whenever you want.

2016 was a landmark year for outdoorsmen with a Netflix subscription. There has been a few hunting or fishing themed movies streaming for awhile (my favorites are “A River Runs Through It”, “Where the Red Fern Grows” and “The River Why”), but Netflix added their first true hunting show to the line-up, MeatEater.

If you haven’t watched this series start to finish, get ready for a Sunday full of binge watching. This series, which follows the outdoor adventures of Steven Rinella, is fantastic. Here’s an excerpt from the IMDB synopsis on the series:

“Hunting to me is primarily about the acquisition of food that is the most important thing to me, said Steven Rinella, host. Quite simply, I like to eat wild game. That said, I have a great respect for the trophy element of hunting I love the emblem of deer antlers and bear skulls. I also have a great respect for the adventure I love the journeys, the places I get to go, and the people I get to hang out with. But all of that falls under the umbrella of hunting for my own food. Essentially, I am a hunter because I am a MeatEater.” – IMDB

Giving the gift of a Netflix membership will share the experience of the MeatEater series along with hundreds of thousands of other titles for the hunter to pass the time with in the off season. Membership plans range from $7.99 to $11.99 per month, and you can buy a Netflix gift certificate on Amazon!

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