May 1, 2016

Come help grow the Quiver Community

With over 10,000 Facebook fans and a strong Twitter following, we’re looking for a passionate marketing minded individual to help take the Quiver online community to the next level.

Last fall was an exciting first season with Quiver live and in the hands of hunters across the country. You can check out the app by downloading it for free from iTunes and learn more about us by visiting the Quiver Hunting App website.

Outside of the app, we want to continue to build an active community of like-minded hunters to help grow the brand. This role is designed to give you the opportunity to create and lead your own projects to build the Quiver community.

####What we are looking for

  • Someone with a passion for the outdoors who can connect with our community
  • Ability to create and share content across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Strong writing skills
  • Self-starter with the ability to drive their own initiatives
  • Skills in creating content - whether it be written or visual
  • This role could also include other marketing initiatives outside of social

Other opportunities include email marketing, creating blog and video content as well as any additional marketing initiatives to help grow the brand. You will be given a lot of ownership and have the opportunity to drive initiatives and experience the joy of immediate results and feedback from Quiver’s already fast growing community.

To learn more and introduce yourself, please contact us at info at

Ready to hunt smarter? Download Quiver for iOS today.