December 12, 2016

Stories from the Field: The Nebraska Bruiser

The Quiver Hunting App community is growing fast, and we’re helping more hunters achieve their goals every day. Stories are coming in from hunters all over North America using Quiver to harvest some massive whitetails and gain new hunting insights.

For this week’s story from the field, we head to Blair, Nebraska to learn more about Quiver Hunting App user, Jon Cinfel.


Jon grew up as a casual hunter. He enjoyed hunting mostly as time well spent with his dad, but during the two years after his father passed away in 2008, hunting took on a whole new meaning for him.

“Those last two hunting seasons is when the desire to pursue hunting started to grow,” Jon explains. “Thinking about everything my Dad had been teaching me throughout the years, all the time we spent together, and the need to keep his memory alive for me with hunting.”

After that, he decided to settle down on his own plot of land and has been successfully harvesting deer every year since.

Jon first learned about the Quiver Hunting App after a quick Google search for hunting apps, and after a few sessions in the field using Quiver, he was hooked. “I use Quiver to track what I see, and when I see it, with the ability to take extra notes I feel are important,” he said.

Jon up in the tree logging his hunts with Quiver.

“It also helps with storytelling, being able to see the amount of hours spent and number of deer you’ve seen during your hunts.”

Quiver focuses on simplicity. Messing with a complicated hunting app on your phone while in the stand is the last thing you want to do. Quiver was designed so that hunters can easily record data as quickly as possible, and that’s what Jon likes most about the Quiver Hunting App.

“I have attempted to use other hunting apps in the past, but always felt it was too confusing or required too much of me while I am sitting in a tree,” he said. “With Quiver, immediately after starting my first hunt, I could see this was designed for hunters. Keeping it simple and getting the information you need.”


During the 2016 rifle season in Nebraska, Jon began to realize the importance of the information Quiver provides at his fingertips. “To see the times, temperatures, and notes I added during the hunt, I knew this was something I would continue to use for future hunts.”

After several days of logging more hunts, he was able to analyze the times of day when the deer were most active, and he patterned their movements.

With these newly gained insights, he hit the woods early the next morning hoping to capitalize on what he had learned so far this season, and by 7:30 am, the hunt was over. After watching six silhouettes pass by before shooting light, “a 5x7 appeared and made his way into an 18-yard shot.”

With some careful planning and detailed analysis, the deer were moving just how Jon was expecting, and the hunt was a success within the first hour of light.


Jon brought home this beautiful Nebraska 12pt, and after seeing his success this season, he’s pretty sure all his buddies will be using the Quiver Hunting App next year.


Follow Jon along on all his hunts on Twitter at @ThisOutdoorsman. Congratulations to Jon on an epic story and a bruiser of a buck! Keep on rocking, Jon.

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