November 4, 2016

The Crowned King

We love hearing from users out in the field who are using the Quiver Hunting App. Often it’s a simple thank you or suggestion on how to improve the app, which we greatly appreciate, but today I’m excited to share with you a recent success story from Quiver user West Bayne. West had an exciting encounter with a mature whitetail he dubs “The Crowned King”. The picture speaks for itself and check out his story below. Congrats West!

deer hunting success story

“I had the opportunity to hunt in southern Illinois this past week and got a buck of a lifetime. Loved using the app to document the hunt. I was actually using the app shortly after I got in the stand on Monday afternoon to start my first entry, when I looked up to see a BRUISER making a rub. I quickly traded my phone for my rangefinder and bow and began the heart pounding process of how to kill this crowned king. Everything worked out and I put a perfect shot on him with my bow at 40 yards. After I melted back into the seat of my lock-on and regained my composure, I went to make an entry in the app and noticed that I never even finished my first. It helped me to know the exact time that I first saw the deer, and what time I actually shot the deer. The whole process was only 4 minutes! The automatic weather data showed that at the time of the kill, it was 83 degrees with 26 mph wind at 4:13pm. I was actually complaining in the first entry about the weather.

The app will help preserve this memory and will serve as a reminder that even in the worst conditions, full moon/HOT/high winds, you never know what will happen.”

What an awesome buck! If you have a story that you want to share with us, please email us at to feature your hunt on our site.


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