February 8, 2015

What is the Quiver Hunting App?

Quiver is a tool specifically designed for the serious hunter who wants to hunt smarter. This hunting app allows hunters to easily track the activity they’re seeing in the stand while simultaneously logging real time weather data. This combination of data allows hunters to better understand what type of weather combinations produce the most encounters in the woods.

Weather patterns play a crucial role in triggering deer activity. The changing conditions, wind direction and moon phase are all part of the the mystery of deer movement. Quiver provides detailed weather information specific to the locations saved within the app. Right from the home screen users can save their favorite hunting spots so that they can easily check the key weather details across their various hunting locations. From here, hunters can make a more informed decision on where to hunt given the conditions.

Activities that you can track:

  • Log when you see deer and add any notes about the encounter
  • Add custom field notes to capture anything unique about the hunt
  • Capture photos from your hunt
  • Record when you take a shot
  • Capture that big buck down

The Quiver Hunting App also provides a summary of the entire season. Users can see how many hunts they’ve had so far, how many hours they’ve slugged through in the woods (don’t share this with your significant other), and and how much deer activity they’ve recorded. On top of that, this is where you can drill into previous hunts to better analyze which locations produced the most deer activity with certain weather patterns.

The Quiver Hunting App is designed to make hunters more effective by helping them understand the tight relationship between weather conditions and deer activity. Not only is the technology powerful, but we’ve thought through the user experience in great detail so that all the critical information is right at your fingertips. The important weather data is always present, and you can log activity with just a few simple taps to the screen. Quiver is an essential tool for becoming a smarter and more successful hunter.

Ready to hunt smarter? Download Quiver for iOS today.