October 10, 2018

Managing Scent with Boneview's Mobile Ozone Machine

As whitetail hunters, we’re constantly having to manage scent. Whether that’s prepping before going out, washing clothes in scent free detergent or spraying ourselves in cover scents. Wind and scent is king out there, and we do everything we can to manage it. In recent years, a wave of ozone producing products have hit the market and have really taken off.

I wanted to share an awesome, handy little device that the guys at Boneview have come out with - The Mobile Ozone Machine. This mobile device is perfect for tossing into your gear in a bin or bag before hitting the woods.

Boneview Mobile Ozone Machine

The ozone technology in this device helps removes all odors from your hunting clothes and gear - without having to deal with the sprays and cover scents. It produces the right amount of ozone to kill any odor causing particles like sweat, bacteria, human odors and oils. This small package is designed to fit right into any of your gear totes or bags that runs on a battery that lasts between 3 - 6 hours. The battery is also rechargeable using a standard micro-USB charger, which is also included.

Boneview Mobile Ozone Machine

For $29.99, this great little device packs a punch and helps to make managing scent much easier. Friends of Quiver get 10% off all orders when you use promo code QUIVER10. Check out the Mobile Ozone Machine today.

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