Quiver Turkey Hunting App

April 2, 2018

Quiver Turkey Hunting App

Spring is rolling in, and with that, turkey hunting seasons are opening up across the country. Don’t get me wrong, the deer rut is a magnificent time of the year, but for the avid turkey hunter, chasing Gobblers punches right up there. There’s nothing better than hearing Old Boss Tom fire up over the ridge and get him responding to calls.

Quiver Hunting App started as a deer hunting app, but it quickly became clear that many of our users also wanted a tool to track their turkey hunts. There’s a lot of overlap of the same concepts, and last year we opened up the flexibility to track your turkey hunts in Quiver.

turkey hunting app

When you head out this spring to turkey hunt, don’t forget to fire up Quiver and use it as a turkey hunting app to log your hunts. You’d be surprised by how keeping a hunting journal can lead to more success in the woods. In fact, we have a previous post on this topic, and you can learn more about why keeping a hunting journal is a great habit to develop.

What Quiver is great for is logging events throughout your hunt so that you can start to pattern when the birds are gobbling and moving. By simply tracking these events, you can go back and start to better understand how the birds are moving in your area, so that you can be more successful in the woods.

What you can track in the app

  • Log when you see hen, jake or tom and add any notes about the encounter
  • Add custom field notes to capture anything unique about the hunt
  • Capture photos from your hunt
  • Record when you take a shot
  • Capture when you have a bird down
turkey hunting app

This turkey hunting app also provides a summary of your entire season. You can see how many hunts you’ve hunted so far, how many hours you’ve spent in the woods (don’t share this with your significant other), and and how much turkey activity you’ve recorded. On top of that, this is where you can drill into previous hunts to better analyze which locations produced the most turkey activity with certain weather patterns.

Also, if you’re looking for more turkey hunting tips, check out our blog post on Tips for a Successful Turkey Hunt to learn more and also Our Favorite Turkey Hunting Gear.

Any tips to share with us? Favorite calls or best decoy? We’d love to hear about it. Shoot us an email at info@quiverapp.co and share any of your favorite turkey hunting tips.

Thanks for reading this post. If you’re interested in trying out Quiver, you can download it for free at the App Store and use it to track your next hunt.

Ready to hunt smarter? Download Quiver for iOS today.